Writer Jimmy Nguyen
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Writer Jimmy Nguyen in a poncho

Writer Jimmy Nguyen in an authentic Peruvian poncho.

Bio: Jimmy Nguyen is a home-builder, farmer, writer, and movie-maker. He has written and directed over a dozen short movies from documentary to mockumentary to thriller and everything in between.  The son of Vietnamese immigrants, Jimmy grew up in Manassas, VA and attended the College of William & Mary. Afterwards, he spent two years in Peru serving in the Peace Corps. He currently lives on a 13-acre farm where he keeps chickens and bees and grows cut flowers. His goal is to make unique movies and graphic novels that stand the test of time.

The story of Los Poncheros was conceived a long time ago when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru from 2005-2007.  For two years, I lived in the small mountain village of Pacaipampa in the Department of Piura.  Most Pacaipaminos wore ponchos of all different colors and stripes.  Men, women, and children.  They each had their own style, but all looked badass.  Growing up, I watched a lot of Westerns with my dad and I recalled Clint Eastwood in his green poncho in those spaghetti Westerns.  I thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a gang of poncho-wearing gunslingers and adventurers.  This thought stayed with me for almost 10 years before I started putting the story down on paper.

Illustrator Ron Batchelor
email: ron_batchelor@icloud.com

Illustrator Ron Batchelor Los Poncheros illustration

Ron Batchelor is a designer and illustrator with over 18 years experience in the advertising industry.  He has  a Bachelors Degree in Painting and Graphic Design. After college he worked for 3 years doing photo restoration and retouching, then got a job as a designer at Masterminds Advertising.  After 6 years,  he decided to move to 1 Trick Pony and worked there as a Senior Graphic Designer for 11 years.  Clients of his work include TCM, TBS, Sony Pictures Classics, Virgin Hotels, Virgin America, Alaska Airlines, Boost Mobile, Hard Rock Hotels & Casinos and Hard Rock All Inclusives.


Garth von Ahnen - illustrator

Illustrator (Fourier’s Weekly): Garth von Ahnen
Website: www.ArtbyGarth.com
Instagram: @artbygarth

Garth von Ahnen is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Garth makes images ranging from political cartoons to fine art portraiture, and the occasional animated music video. His work has been published in the Washington Examiner, Mediaite, Norml, and in a books on astrophysics. Garth has also created poster artwork for seminars at Stanford University, and spends most of his time these days painting pet portraits. 


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