Los Poncheros – a Western graphic novel

Logline: Lew Dang, is a former Asian-American member of an outlawed poncho-wearing gang, who is forced into integrating a violent and racist Western territory. During his mission, he runs into former comrades who have been forced on conflicting missions, which will put the old friends on a collision course.

Summary: In Episode 1, we find members of Los Poncheros outlawed and aimless.  Outlawed because of their failed attempt to form a breakaway republic called The Bat Colony amidst the chaos of the Civil War.  Aimless because they can no longer carry weapons, wear their beloved ponchos, or assemble in groups greater than two.

However, there is never a dearth of greedy opportunists in the Wild West who want to use the infamous Poncheros’ skills as gunmen, riders, and fixers for their own ends.  And so in their desperate state, former Poncheros are easily forced or seduced into going against everything they once stood for.

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